Call Your Reps/Senators Today!

March 13 2019



There is currently a House Bill that could potentially change the minimum age to smoking/vaping to 21. We need your help to contact your representatives and senators and let them know we stand against this policy. Let your voice be heard!
In a very compelling article on The Hill, writer Lindsey Stroud presents reasons why the T21 policy is not just a bad move for adults looking for alternatives but could potentially harm State revenue as well. She states “The idea of Tobacco 21 (T-21) is ideal, that raising the age to purchase tobacco products will help prevent youths from ever smoking a cigarette and likely to never become addicted. The only issue is that it is unlikely to actually prevent youth from using tobacco products and only punishes adults and state budgets.” It’s important to express the same ideas and concerns to your representative and senator. Please take the time today to call and express your concerns with raising the minimum age to 21 today!