[Call To Action] What Flavor Do you Vape? (Flavor Survey)

April 18 2018

Only July 28th, 2017 the FDA released a press statement saying that they have decided to take a more comprehensive approach to nicotine and tobacco, including an initiative to lower nicotine in cigarettes to minimally addictive or non-addictive levels. Aimed at shifting the trajectory of tobacco-related disease and death, the agency’s approach recognizes that nicotine is delivered through products posing a continuum of risk. Since then, the FDA announced November 29th of last year on their blog that they were forming a new Nicotine Steering Committee. This committee is charged with re-evaluating and modernizing the FDA’s approach to development and regulation of nicotine replacement therapy products that help smokers quit.

We want to make our voices heard about our experiences with the transition away from combustible cigarettes and the use of flavored eliquids. In his initial press conference in July, the FDA Commissioner expressed concerns about flavored eliquids and how they may appeal to children. This is cause for concern for many vapers considering they may only use sweet, candy or dessert flavors to stay smoke-free. The possibility of a flavor ban by the FDA is seemingly becoming more of a reality. Our goal should be to convey our experiences with flavored eliquids and how they helped us transition away from combustible cigarettes. As well as reiterating that vaping is a harm reduction option for current smokers looking to transition.

Please take the time today to fill out this Survey to help fight the idea of a flavor ban on e-liquids! CLICK HERE! goo.gl/28tD2M

Mobile option 2: text the words “CASAA FLAVORS” to 52886 to be directed to the survey link.